The Village of Lakemoor offers professional and technical assistance regarding Planning, Zoning, Subdivision, design, grants and housing. 

The Village of Lakemoor offers a  comprehensive list of small and large sites available for development and redevelopment. 

The primary goal of the Village's economic development team is to retain existing businesses, expand out tax base, increase employment and foster economic growth.   

planning & zoning 

economic Development 



"unbridled opportunity"

We invite you to discover Lakemoor’s commitment to progress.  When it comes to opportunities for success, exciting growth potential and quality of life, there’s no place like Lakemoor.  The Village’s strategy is to create a diversified, expanding and dynamic economy through the development of new businesses and the enhancement of existing businesses.   

Welcome to the Village of Lakemoor

​Lakemoor market area

Source: Lake County Partners

Department of Community & Economic Development

28874 Illinois Rt. 120

​Lakemoor, Illinois 60051